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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Calling all cars. Can you hear me?

I don't think of bloggers as journalists but I feel compelled to be intellectually honest (or as best I can) when expressing my views in a forum others can see. If I want to lie to myself, that is one thing - I can do it in the comfort of my own home with a few beers and not have to worry about the computer or you, the reader.

So here I am, faced with this story about cops that get paid after being fired. Shit.

You see, I like cops. I like firefighters, military personnel and anyone else that is willing to take on the tough jobs that are essential for all our health and well-being. It seems like this to me - if I'm not willing or able to do these jobs, which are important in mind, then I need to support the people that do.

But as two bloggers from completely opposite perspectives point out, here and here, this goes a little too far. The public, rightly so, is sick of people taking them for a ride, at our expense.

I want to take the Union's word for it, they are lobbying both sides and have every intention of coming up with a reasonable proposal of their own. They know that their image is tarnished by a few bad eggs and this story helps promote the corruption to the public.

Unfortunately for them, Speaker Gard's reputation does not help them sell their story.

My apologies to the men and women in blue. On this one I must simply disagree with you. Please prove me wrong with a good proposal and a strong effort to pass it a.s.a.p.

P.S. God bless you!


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