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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Citizenship comes with responsibilities

Citizenship comes with responsibilities. That, at a minimum should be something those in favor of, and in opposition to recent immigration reform should agree on.

Which is why this is so frustrating.

Employees that left work to participate in a rally to limit reform were fired by their employers, people that presumably expected that their employees would be at work that day.

In the case of Applebees, the two individuals told their employer they were leaving during the middle of a shift. It doesn't specify but it has been implied in other media accounts that there was no notice in advance of that day/shift.

I don't blame Applebees. You hire servers and cooks to be there when your customers are there. This was not the case of a family or medical emergency so the employees leaving the restaurant with little to no notice in the middle of a shift not only violates the company's policy but defies common sense. Not to mention, while they may not have liked what they heard, the employees were told when they made their intentions clear that they would be in violation of their work rules.

The politically correct folks have tried to demonize the use of common sense to the point where people can get away with just about anything. I hope these people don't get away with this.


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